Friday, May 07, 2004

its EASY for robots.

i myself, see everything around me, too complicated to understand the real meaning of that thing. the subject in front of me. i stare right into it's eyes hoping they'de stay around and help me through this "life of liesure".. one day i'd want to know how it feels to not be a robot. The tinwoman who was well known to be the non-lover of the situation. the Woman who was set to live with an actual heart to love and care. i am the tinwoman..i want someday, to love actually. i feel like my part in the world is to save and be-friend everyone. so is there no point in love in my life?. maybe. maybe not. i'de like to find out if somewhere in this place i can actually get out of my shell and just roam free. getting out of this fake world and getting out real. as hard as it can be, i rather go through love w/ love, than go through love w/ forces. but i cant feel it inside of me. though i may say i like someone, is it true?. will this hurt me again? is this another one of those "im this and that" situation. i want to predict. i want to know now what is going on. im sick and tired of guessing in this mind game. im tired of wasting all this valuable time just to get to a place they call "heaven". im tired of it. i sound selfish and dumb because i want to know more.. i feel like the lonely girl sitting in the corner who doesnt even know where she belongs and is lost.. so. wheres life now?

::if you cant understand anything i write
then my work here is done

IM me.

 stay a while. see what its wish for that hope. 

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